Starter Pack


If you’re new to growing or you’ve tried some of our products and want to discover what makes us unique in the industry, then check out our Starter Pack. We strive for quality, yield and simplicity and our Starter Pack says it all. You get our complete line except for Crystal Burst (because you get Sonic Bloom) and Purple Maxx (because most growers don’t need it). That’s right, our whole line is just nine products. Some companies make 20-25 products and then throw a few in a box and peddle it as a kit. If everything you need is in their box then what are all their other products for? Remember, growing is supposed to be fun and it’s supposed to be simple. See for yourself how simple it can be.

All bottles are standard retail sizes; no cheap sample sizes.

Quarts: Deep Fusion Micro, Gro and Bloom; Killer Tea

8 oz: Deep Breath, Snow Storm Ultra, G10 (Gravitation #10), Magnum

100 gm: Sonic Bloom (Sunshine Powder)

Instructions included. Grow questions? Contact us.