worms in soil
KIller Tea

Killer Tea


There’s a common misconception that the purpose of brewing a tea is to create a soup of beneficial bacteria that aids the roots and improves plant growth. To some extent that’s true.

Killer Tea is a concentration of growth regulators produced by beneficial bacteria using a proprietary brewing method specifically designed to promote prolific root growth and robust vigor in plants of all varieties.

In fact, what gives a tea its real kick are the growth factors produced by the bacteria. It’s the by-product of the bacteria more than the bacteria themselves that make the magic.


Made from Potent Seabird and Bat Guano PLUS pure Worm Castings- not cheap worm compost. We spent 2 years testing every pure worm casting we could find and discovered that the type of worm makes a drastic difference. Growth factors excreted in the castings make our tea different. Killer Tea is triple filtered to minimize sediment in your bottle.

  • Ready-to-use. Makes tea brewing obsolete.
  • Won’t clog emitters
  • 100% natural
  • Long shelf life
  • Improves plant growth at ALL stages

Clones: Use 1oz/Gallon.
Soil: Use 1 oz (30mls) per gallon of water beginning during early veg. and continue this application rate all the way to the end of your bloom cycle.