About Us

Where We Came From

The formulation of Humboldt County’s Own products was all about having fun, not to peddle nutrients. It all started with Phil looking for cutting edge ideas, reading plant science journals and patents while playing around with a garden in a tractor shed back in the 90’s. Our “concoctions” were intended for us, which we eventually shared with our family of friends in Humboldt County. In 2002 we opened Eel River Hydroponics in Fortuna and started giving out free samples of our products which drew customers into the store. Our first products were BushMaster, Gravity, Purple Maxx and Snow Storm Ultra which were completely different from anything ever seen before, and each was an instant hit. Our success was strictly word of mouth. Stores in San Francisco heard what our products could do and came up to buy. Soon the national distributors heard the buzz and, one by one, came to our store and offered to take our products across America.

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A little about us

The original, completely grower oriented company in Humboldt County. We work with growers out in the hills to develop high performance additives. We don’t bottle a product until our testers want to buy it.

Store owners: We are looking for a small number of qualified stores to join our beta testing program and critique our latest experimental products. Currently working on:

Clonemaster, a non-hormone rooting product.

Night Stalker, a powerful, all natural flower enhancer that continues to work in the dark.

Pink Lady. Need we say more!

Why We're Unique

Humboldt County’s Own pioneered the concept of high performance additives. We would experiment and give out samples to our testers out in the hills. If experienced Humboldt County growers liked one of our concoctions enough to want to buy it, then we would make it.

Humboldt County’s Own is the ONLY company in the industry dedicated to the development of high performance additives.