Premium nutrients and additives hand crafted in Northern California

Setting standards and exceeding expectations in the growing industry for 20 years!
We are growers.
Formulating our concoctions has always been about having fun and maximizing genetic potential. Our story began with experimenting in our own gardens, then passing out samples to our fellow Humboldt County growers. When someone liked a concoction enough to want to buy it, we would start making larger batches.

Featured Product of the Month

Snow Storm Ultra


Commercial and Boutique Growers from around the World rely on Snow Storm Ultra for consistent results.

  • #1 Additive on the market
  • Supports Terpene and Resin Production
  • Effective with all Nutrient lines

A Humboldt County original, often copied but NEVER

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Weโ€™re all about quality:

All of our products are mixed and bottled in house.

  • FDA Food Quality Stainless Steel bottling line.
  • Bottles are washed with ionized air and vacuumed before filling.
  • Bottles are factory sealed with solid state induction sealers.
  • Each batch is numbered for reference.
  • Hight powered UV sterilizer system, FDA rated for injectables.
  • Smaller bottles are heavy duty pharmaceutical style with pour lip for accurate measuring.
  • Regular product testing by independent lab to assure conformance with standards.

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Our catalog includes valuable information on all the products that we have to offer, with tips and tricks on how to use them to maximize your gardens potential along with more of our company’s story.

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